Contribute Articles to the CCSI Magazine!
You never need to ask if the magazine editor needs articles. The answer will always be Yes! The magazine cannot exist without articles! And the magazine is the backbone of CCSI.

You don’t even have to be able to write or type, because some good photos of crown caps, or other related material, often can speak for themselves. Or the Editor may write something about your images. All you need is a flatbed scanner or color photocopier, or a digital camera with a steady hand or tripod.

If you do want to write, you don’t have to know how to write well; in fact you don’t have to write in English. Just write whatever you want to say, and it will be translated and/or made clear by others who can help.

What can your article be about? It can be about anything related to crown caps. You are probably a collector of crown caps, so wouldn’t you be proud to show and/or write about your favorite pieces? Or ones with interesting stories or facts about them. Here are some typical themes that most collectors want to write about and share:

  • How I started collecting crown caps
  • My collecting specialty
  • My favorite pieces
  • An interesting group of crowns
  • Why I like crown caps
  • Places I have found them
  • People who help me to get them
  • Crowns that I wish to have
  • The one that got away
  • My favorite/local brewer/bottler who uses crown caps
  • How I arrange/store/display my collection
  • Mystery crowns – can readers help?

Of course, there are many more possibilities for articles. Take some time to browse the CCSI magazines you have, and/or the older magazines archive that you can access at this website. They will give you ideas for articles.

When you’ve put together everything you can for an article, send all to

The important thing is to get started NOW. If you tell yourself that you’ll start an article next week or next month, it probably will not happen. Make a start today, and then you will want to finish it. And you will be very proud and satisfied when you see your article in print!*

Keep the CCSI magazine alive by starting your own article now! Thank you very much.

*Editor decides which articles are acceptable and when or whether they will be published.