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 Brewer/bottler #159
Name Citrus Products Company
Address Use for all Kist, Blue Bird, Lemonella, 4 Plus and Chocolate Soldier crowns where local bottler is not shown.
City Chicago
State/Province Illinois
Country United States
Extra info Citrus Products Company was founded in 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. Like most soft drink companies, they experimented with different flavors to try and find their niche in the market. Kist was bottled in a wide range of flavors like orange, ginger ale, lemon and grape, and became very popular. They also offered a complete range of bottle sizes including seven ounce, ten ounce and twelve ounce, and also two family sizes. By 1958 Kist was being bottled by franchised bottlers in every state. Major products were the Kist line, Blue Bird and Chocolate Soldier. The company eventually licensed bottlers worldwide to bottle their product
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