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 Brewer/bottler #580
Name Budwine Bottling Co. (Athens, GA)
City Athens
State/Province Georgia
Country United States
Extra info Bludwine originated in Watkinsville, GA around 1906. It was a fruit and grain based beverage intended as a temperance drink or alternative to alcohol. Early sales were phenomenal and the inventor decided to move to the metropolis of Athens, GA and promote his new beverage across the South.
Dozens of bottlers were bottling Bludwine by 1910, almost all in the distinctive hourglass-shaped bottle designed by the inventor and patented in 1918 and again in 1921. By the 1920's Bludwine was bottled as far west as Pasadena, CA and North to Canada.
Federal food regulators required elimination of the name Bludwine in the early '20's and the beverage became Budwine. Budwine was bottled over a wide area for many years but eventually declined until recent years when the only bottler was Athens, GA. The company closed around 1995.
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