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 Brewer/bottler #6682
Name 3-C Nectar Bottling Corporation
City Graham
State/Province Virginia
Country United States
Type Soft Drink Bottler
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The 3-C Nectar Bottling Corporation of Graham, Virginia was incorporated on July 6, 1921, with S. R. Brame, of Roanoke, VA, as President, James B. Hankins as Vice President and General Manager, and M. D. Hinton as Secretary & Treasurer, both of Graham, Va. The company was located on the corner of Wister and Morton Avenues, which is now the corner of Virginia and College Avenues, in what had been the old Graham Hotel building. According to Wythe Hull's "The History of the Marion Bottling Company, Inc" 3-C Nectar was a cola type drink; however, only lasted in Marion, VA about eighteen months before the parent company went bankrupt.
A note on the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps claim the company is not in operation as of February 1923. The odd thing is that the company shows up in the 1923 Polk’s City Directory, with Frank H. Forbes listed as manager and the 1923 Beverage Blue Book lists the company as well, with an H. B. Forbes as manager. One thing is certain the equipment from the company was sold to a Mr. Lewis, and shipped to Honaker, VA in May 1925.
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Name 1 Graham Nectar Bottling Corporation
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Name 2 3-C Nectar Bottling Works
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