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 Brewer/bottler #7494
Name Gaseosa La Cigarra Isaac Zamora y Cía
City Pasto
Country Colombia
Type Soft Drink Bottler
Extra info Founded on August 27, 1944, by Isaac Zamora and Cecilia Perea. Initially the company was located in Calle Agosta (Cra 22), serving as manager owner Mr. Isaac Zamora.
In 1984 the company was purchased by Mr. Hernando Suárez Burgos, acquiring all the shares of the company.
On April 28, 1987 the company was transformed from partnerships, by shares LTDA, under the name Gaseosas La Cigarra Ltda., Registered with the Chamber of Commerce September 4, 1987 under number 00885 of Book IX.
• In 1994, the production of soft drinks and water Freskiss Freskita is implemented.
• In 1998 it begins to produce agua Natural del Bosque (Pet y Bolsa).
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