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 Brewer/bottler #771
Name Ludford Fruit Products, Inc.
Address 1411 S Western Ave

Used for all Hollywood, Dr. Wells and early Disney crowns when the local bottler is not known.
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Country United States
Type Corporate HQ
Extra info Per Mike Dolgushkin:

Disney licensed the character names and images beginning in about 1932 to Ludford Fruit Products, Inc. of Hollywood. This line was most likely discontinued by 1938. Ludford apparently franchised these out to soda bottlers all over the country and it seems that the sodas were identified, by the character and the flavor.
The Donald Ducks are a different matter. These sodas were made from 1951 to about 1957. Originally Disney licensed the name and image to the Lime Cola Company, but after a year or two the rights transferred to an outfit called General Beverages. Many of the Donald Duck crowns have a local bottler identified on the skirts. These too were sold all over the country, and also in Canada.
According to Josesph Lee, the Lime Cola Co. and General Beverages, Inc. were the same company located in Chattanooga, TN.

The Ludford’s Family started in the food business in the late 1800’s in Canada under the O-SO-GOOD Company. The primary food products were tea, butter and fruit syrups.
In 1926, Ludford's was incorporated in the state of California where the principle manufacturing plant and offices are located today. During the early years of business, up until World War II, the company had 278 soda pop bottling plants franchised to them packing under the Dr. Wells, Alkatime, and Hollywood brands. The company was the National Headquarters for Alka-Time and Hollywood Beverages. Hollywood Beverages had the tag lines: "The Stars Drink" and "It's Super Colossal!". The Monarch Beverage Company of Atlanta purchased the brand in 1987. Dr. Wells was developed and introduced in 1935 as a "pepper-style" carbonated soft drink by Ludford Fruit Products.
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