Crowncappers' Exchange Trivia
Answers to CV crowns trivia questions:
Answers to CV crowns trivia questions:
1. Imitation Cherry - Willmar, Minn.; and ”M“ [Minnesota Brewing Co.]
2. Graham, VA. It was annexed to the town of Bluefield (formerly Harman) which was renamed to match its sister city across the West Virginia state line.
3. Redwine vanilla soda
4. Shoot 11
5. Monarch
6. Triple 8
7. Unknown. If you know, please e-mail the author.
8. Water
9. The two Mudges and the Hop Beer
10. Buick - product unknown; if you know it, please e-mail the author.
11. The two Hero crowns and possibly the Bimbo Chocolait
12. ChocOla, the vitamin chocolate drink
13. Nezinscot
14. Welch’s grape juice
15. Whistle