Updates of the Crowncap Collectors Society International's Website
21 Jan 2006Changed: Crown links page
06 Dec 2005Problems with update from website hosting service - solved
04 Dec 2005New: Members can edit their own 'Member profile'
19 Nov 2005Changed: Layout of the mystery crowns.
12 Nov 2005New in The "Crown facts" section: Collector crowns.
07 Nov 2005Small change in the menu structure.
02 Nov 2005New: 'Links' page and 'Calendar of events' page.
27 Oct 2005New: last action in member profile.
20 Oct 2005Changed: Menu structure.
17 Oct 2005New: Trade meeting reports.
Changed: Crown links page
21 Jan 2006
The links on the Crown links page will now open in a page with a frame.
On top there is a button that will open the link in a new window.
To go to the Crown links page follow this link: Crown links